Build better detections

Datasets and microservices to empower detection engineers

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Quickly find and investigate suspicious activity

Enrich and Collect

Make faster decisions by adding contextual data to your logs using our downloadable datasets and services.

Analyze and Detect

Upload your logs to our detection engines to find malicious activity. Fuel new detections and research using our sensors.


Tour function information without cross action media value quickly maximize timely deliverables.


Known Goods

Benign intent categorizations on hashes, IPs, URLs, and domains.

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Evidence Collection

Capture web pages through full screenshots, HTTP Archives, and the rendered Document Object Model of malicious URLs.


Email Samples

Get raw samples of promotional, malspam, and phishing emails to build new detections and train models.

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Blocklist/Allowlist Management

Hosted IP, domain, URL, and hash lists with integrations so you can make the most of your tactical intelligence.

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About Us

Built for Builders

We aim to offer the core components of scalable detection systems so that engineers can focus on organization-specific challenges.


detectdd was built by Brad Antoniewicz to help accelerate detection and research teams to build reliable and scalable detection systems. Brad is a contributing author to Hacking Exposed, former NYU adjunct professor and Hacker In Residence, and BSidesNYC co-founder. Brad has lead research teams at McAfee and Cisco, and built detection and response programs at Spotify and Square.